About Our Team

We believe in Teamwork both with you and within ourselves. Below is our team of people ready to assist you today with your property!

Frank Iglesias

Frank is one of the founders and Managing Partners of Working With Houses, LLC. An Atlanta area Real Estate Investment Company, Working With Houses works primarily in the Residential Renovation Industry repairing and updating properties to bring value back to our neighborhoods that have been devalued by the recent housing crisis. Frank has been involved in this industry for the last five years in which tremendous change has brought much volatility. He has been able to adapt with the times to grow in the midst of this volatility. With a background in Education and Information Technology, Frank has been able to successfully help several people with their Atlanta Real Estate needs and continues to do so daily.

Melanie Vargas

Melanie is one of the founders and Managing Partners of Working With Houses, LLC. Along with Frank, Melanie has been involved with Atlanta Real Estate for the last seven years. She has also been able to adapt with the times to grow in a different manor. With a background in Business, Property Management and Renovations, Melanie has a diverse education to help make things happen on multiple fronts with success, fluidity and ease. As a result, Melanie’s expertise allows Working With Houses to help people with their Atlanta Real Estate needs regularly.

Gladys Gallentes

Gladys serves in a online marketing and office managerial position to enhance what Working With Houses does for their clients. With a formal education in Communication, Gladys brings a rich and diverse background to the team. Having worked with advertising, medicine, global communications and the food industry, her ability to work with people on different levels allows for a high level of client satisfaction. Her background has served on international fronts allowing Working With Houses to better serve the diverse cultures here in the United States.

Eljen ‘Trixie’ Cujad

Trixie serves in a client relations and coordination role with Working With Houses. With a background in Information Technology in an administrative role, Trixie is well skilled in the ability to touch and manage a great many things at the same time in fast moving field. This skillset allows her to serve others with a great capacity to ensure nothing is forgotten and all details are handled. Her kindness is exemplary as she always keeps a smile as she serves others. She works with clients of Working With Houses regularly helping them with their needs.

Yvette Pao and Company

Yvette serves as staffing manager with a team of people to fulfill varying roles within our group. With experience in customer service, telecom and management, she is able to deploy varying resources to fulfill a variety of research and transactional needs. Widely skilled with a great heart for service at any cost, Yvette ensures that the job gets done to the clients ultimate satisfaction, no questions asked. Her commitment is a strong addition to our team.

Belinda Sams

Belinda serves as a marketing assistant to help execute the marketing plan that keeps us on top of the market pulse. With a background in retail, she is familiar with high paced environments where time is of the essence for execution. As a result her understanding of the necessary consistency for a consistent client experience is a solid addition to our team.

Heather McGuire

Heather serves as our construction management assistant along with public relations. We renovate many properties and Heather guides us through that process. A friendly and clear communicator, Heather is on hand to help with the smallest of details to the largest of issues regarding our renovation projects. Also if you need to learn more about what we do from an investment perspective, she can assist in giving you clarity into what it is we do. Service oriented, she can assist you greatly with your needs.


We are Atlanta Real Estate Buyers. Give us a call today at 678-408-2228 or fill in the online form on your right if you prefer. We look forward to hearing from you today to solve your Atlanta Real Estate needs!

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