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Below is a list of the most common questions we get. If you have one not shown, please call us Today!

Do you really buy houses anywhere and in any condition?

YES! Every situation is different and our goal is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved. As long as it works for you and for us, we can buy in any area and in any condition! We will also buy other real estate as well whether it be land, mobile homes, multi-family and more.

What exactly is a FAIR OFFER?

FAIR OFFERS should always be on the NET of a property. NET means what you actually take home. When you list a property, you always must consider additional expenses such as real estate agent commissions (up to 7%), repair costs oftentimes required by home inspectors to meet code and safety requirements, holding costs for any monthly payments, closing cost concessions and more. All these eat into the offer you get if you list your house. We make FAIR OFFERS by offering the NET. What you take home so you know what you are going to get up front.

How does Working With Houses determine the value for my house?

We are able to make reasonable offers based on market analysis for your house. In doing so, we are able to see what the values are for your area, take into account repairs, holding times and many other variables that affect the value of your house. After data analysis, we can make a FAIR OFFER in cash for your house.

What if my house is condemned, has code enforcement violations, title issues, multiple liens and other ‘messy’ items to deal with?

No problem. We can work to resolve any outstanding issues and then buy the house. We assess these situations on a one-by-one basis and will determine the best course of action!

Do you really ‘Take Over’ payments?

Yes! We can take on existing payments on your home through a number of methods if that is best. If this is the best route, the offer made will still be a FAIR OFFER. Contact us today to let us know about your current situation and we can let you know how we may be able to assist in this area!

How soon will I hear from you if I provide you information?

There are no fees to leverage our services. Your worst case is you walk away more informed than when you first call us. We believe in educating all our clients with the best information possible to make the best choices possible.

Are you a group of Real Estate Agents?

No we are not. Real Estate Agents ‘List’ properties. We don’t want to list your house. We would rather buy with a FAIR OFFER in cash, take over payments or structure something else. That being said, we do have licensed agents on the team for those times where listing a house does make the most sense. We will walk through all your options with you so you can decide what makes the most sense for you!

What if my home is already listed with a Real Estate Agent?

No problem. We will work to present a FAIR OFFER that works for you taking into account the real estate agents commission for listing the property.

What if my house is worth less than what I owe?

Go ahead and let’s put something together. Depending on how much less, we are able to bridge the gap if the situation make sense to create the win-win for both of us. If necessary, we can discuss if a short sale is a viable option but that is not always the case. Lenders have requirements to allow these and it is not the same for lender to lender or situation to situation. We would help you review all the facts to make the best decision possible.

How long does it take to close?

Typically between 5-30 days depending on a number of factors such as workload which is dynamic in nature.

Do you only buy houses?

No! We also buy multi-family structures, condos, townhomes, mobile homes and land. We do not buy commercial at this time but work with several parties that do if this is what you have.

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